GoodNews GoodNews
Christ has risen!

You're invited!

This is your invitation to join New Life Church for a service during Resurrection Weekend as a reminder of the incredible hope that Jesus offers, even in the midst of what seems like hopeless circumstances.


Ever feel like things in our world are not as they should be, and find yourself wondering whether and how they will ever be put right?

You're not the first.

What if we told you that the way things are is not how they will always be?
What if we told you that the chaos of this world will not last forever?
What if we told you that...
   failure and hurt and unforgiveness
   fear and pain and division
   war and famine and plague...
...that none of it would last?
That Death does not and will not have the final word?

This is the Good News of Jesus.

In the death and resurrection of Jesus, we believe that the many fractures of our world have been overcome. To trust Jesus is to find ourselves taking our first, feeble steps in what the Bible calls "new creation." Our lives, our families, our neighborhoods, our world... it all can be made whole in him.

This Easter Sunday, we're gathering as a church family to celebrate the One in whom the Bible says all things will be made new: Jesus. We'd love for you to join us.

Make plans to join us on April 21, 2019!